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November 20, 2007


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Great analysis. I wonder what you think about the trend of athletes entering the league younger and younger.
For example, here in Portland we have Brandon Roy, NBA-ready after 4 years at UW, the Blazers' go-to guy in his second season. And we have Martell Webster, drafted out of high school and now entering his third year in the league, still looking for his shot and his confidence.
Maybe this "Brotherhood" campaign is a replacement for the Pitinos, Caliparis, etc., who once mentored young athletes along for four years. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember that back in the early 90's it was still unusual to come out after only _three_ years of college ball. And who can forget the early 90's trash-fests of Knicks-Pacers, Knicks-Bulls, Knicks-Heat, etc. (Ah, I miss those days). I'm not sure there's necessarily a relationship here, but it's another major change in the league's talent pool.


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