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February 23, 2008


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Sorry this comment is late. Thank you so much for the kind words regarding my essay; it means a lot for my writing to ring true with real basketball fans. Truly, thank you.

I'm both grateful to you for pointing out its flaws, and aware that they exist. As I said in the post, this was my college application essay - intended to be relatively brief and read by a non-basketball audience. Therefore, a lot of it was simplified and romanticized. If I were writing it simply for my own sake, it would be a lot different: it would be longer, and more detailed, and yes, more true. Carmelo is one of my favorite players, obviously. His character fascinates me, and I would never intend to sell that short. The fusion that you talk about is, actually, partly what my essay was meant to be about; I agree that it's one of the most interesting and important aspects of Melo as a player and as a person. The essay obviously failed in that respect - live and learn, right?

I should never respond to criticism...all I end up doing is making excuses. Oh well.

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