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March 28, 2008


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Sports Tsar

so are these talking points for blogs to consider? a call to arms to stop using certain vocab?



The success San Antonio has had bringing one of their top two guys off the bench supports the hypothesis ... although you'd hate to make the rest of the league more Spurs-like.


Intriguing concept with provocative questions. The Milicic argument is a strong one: The teams that draft for need always seem a step behind teams that take the best player available.

But there are really, really good reasons for having five great starters, ranging from the benefits of building a commanding lead to the hierarchy it fosters in a team. Guys -shouldn't- be content playing 20 minutes; getting a starting spot is strong motivation.

And do away with terms like "reserve" and the 6th man award? Hmm. Couldn't the blogosphere better help the mission by recognizing more bench players?


Brilliant point about hierarchy. It really speaks to how central the concept is to the culture of the Lig (and bball in general.) The game has evolved around this concept...but is it necessary or a crutch?

Harness the creativity of the blogging brethren.

Chicks dig the 6th Man


No matter what efforts are taken, there are always going to be 5 starters, and that will always be more prestigious than coming off the bench. I think it'd be interesting to see who the 5 players who end the game are. That's the true measure of a players importance.

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